5 Totally Awesome Reasons Why Sobriety Is The Best Gift


Sobriety is rad AF. Did I just say that? Yes, I did. And 3 years ago, when I was new to recovery, I never would have imagined thinking that sobriety was cool. But, it is. Sobriety is the greatest gift I have ever received. I didn’t ask for this gift; it asked for me. I never would have believed that I could live a sober, spiritual, and connected life. Pre-sobriety, I believed that I would live a successful, wealthy, and perfect life. My goal wasn’t to find inner peace or to be helpful to others – my goal was to climb the ladder of success, so I could appear and/or feel powerful. My life, pre-sobriety, was about accomplishments and praise from others and power.

Today, my life is about gratitude, connection, vulnerability, and authenticity. I am the unapologetically me. This is what sobriety gave me – it blessed me with the ability to be my real self.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love being sober:

1. I no longer have to put on a mask or pretend to be what you want me to be. I get to be me, in all my imperfection and glory, I show up every day, as myself. Nothing more, and nothing less. Pre-sobriety, I had expectations about how my life should or would turn out. None of those expectations came true, no matter how hard I tried to make them come true. I believe that your life is your life and it will end up exactly as it was meant to. When you show up as your authentic self, with the mask removed, you lose expectations about what should or shouldn’t be and you come to understand that the true gift is being able to be present in the now and show up just as you are.
2. I found my tribe. When you choose to live an examined life, some friendships will fall away. Other friendships will grow stronger. I’ve always had a number of friends in my life, and many of them have stayed with me throughout my addiction and into my sobriety. I have had to apologize to some of my friends and make amends, because I’ve hurt them. However, there were some friendships that were built on falsehoods and partying, and those friendships fell away. In sobriety, I discovered what was important to me: vulnerability, honesty, empathy, and compassion. I started building friendships with women who understood me. They were deeper than the happy hour friendships that I had made previously. The friends in my life today have showed up for me in ways unimaginable. I am so grateful for the tribe I have built. I have learned how to be a true friend and how to make friendships in realness, truth, and authenticity.

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